A Cake Of Many Lessons

My friend is having a birthday soon, and I wanted to make him a cake. I decided attempt making this Cookie Dough Brownie Cake by Lemon Sugar.

Preface, I’m an okay baker. I don’t get much time to do it but I know a few tricks. However, I have this condition, its unfounded confidence that knows no bounds. For some reason, I believe that if I can understand the workings of any thing, then I am its master. That is not always the case. In truth, reality has proven that I have not mastered many things, but the few times that I have inconceivable succeeded has burdened me with this hubris.

However, I have learned a few things about these suppositions. One is that it’s always a good idea to test them. So I endeavored to test this recipe and see if I could in actuality make it. This is what this cake has taught me.

1. Making a test cake is always a good idea.

2. 9″ pans are not 8″ pans.

3. Ganache does not obey my will. Like a raging river, it flows where it will.

4. My husband will agree to many things if the end result is cake.

5. Sometimes you just need to laugh and do it anyways.

So, I forgot that the pans were bigger than I needed. Originally, I meant do a recipe and a half of batter and just use what I needed to fill my pans. I completely forgot about it. At first I thought this was fine, till I realized that I over cooked the cake layers a little and couldn’t trim them because it would break them apart. It’s okay thought, it’s the test cake. So I frosted them, assuming that it would hold them together. However the frosting was thicker, and I just ended up swishing the bake layers around with my icing spatula. I persevered, cake was going to happen. Then I poured the ganache over the top, to discover my cake was slightly slanted. Miraculously, I managed to keep it on the top, and then decided that if I poured more on, it would stay on top. Surprise! It just flowed over the other side. It was still on the cake though, so I was like, ” It’s still good.”, throw it in the fridge.


The ganache did not stay on the cake, or even the cake platter for that matter but at least my fridge smells chocolatey now. To be honest people pay for smells like this. So,  I forged ahead and decorated it.


Finally, the reward for all my work, and I sliced a piece for Betrunkenaffe and I. It looks great sliced up, almost like the picture really.


It was so decadent that neither one of us could finish our slices. Honestly, I think this is a great recipe if you like really sweet things. However, if you do not, well this may not be the cake for you.

So the final lesson was to try a new cake next time. Bright side, now I have an excuse to make this Lemon Blueberry one. Consequentially, in case anyone is interested in where I am getting these recipes from, I have been picking cakes off this Amazing Layer cakes list to try. I had initially tried looking at books in my library I didn’t find anything that enticed me. I hope my next effort proves fruitful.


About lirial

I work at a library, LET THE EXCITMENT NEVER END!!! As boring as that statement was I do actually get curious over various topics so there probably will be a variety of strangeness on this blog. It shall be a reflection of my unfocused mind. *_*

2 thoughts on “A Cake Of Many Lessons

  1. I think it looks great! And like you, I always think everything will turn out well in the end, despite having the wrong equipment or ingredients!

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